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So we can also be split the muscle that designed if the shark was a puppy, and perform radiocarbon matchmaking

Scientists utilized radiocarbon relationships to search for the period of twenty-eight of the brand new pets, and you can estimated this package females was about 400 yrs . old.

The team unearthed that the newest whales build at just 1cm a great season, and you may arrived at sexual maturity at about age 150.

Lead author Julius Nielsen, a marine biologist regarding the College or university away from Copenhagen, said: "We had all of our expectations that individuals was in fact discussing an unusual creature, however, I believe men this lookup is actually extremely shocked in order to learn the whales was indeed while the dated as they had been."

However, if invertebrates is actually put with the durability battle, a great 507-year-old clam named Ming holds the fresh identity of all of the old creature.

Sluggish swimmers

With this relaxed pace out of lifetime and you will slow rate of growth, the sharks have been thought to live for a long period. However, until now, determining any ages was difficult.

For some fish, boffins have the ability to look at ear bones titled otoliths, hence whenever sectioned, reveal a cycle off concentric rings one scientists normally amount given that they'd the newest bands in a forest.