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If not, as much as I love Jessie, it really would cheer me up :') <3


Jessie are very beautiful, I will be sorry but her Girlfriend/ Ex boyfriend.. Whichever she's, is unappealing I will be sorry but get real seriosly? hahah You need to go out some one anything like me goshh :P x

i believe jessie is really beautiful however, i do believe it does not matter just what some body looks like u really should not be very impolite we you should never consider the girl old boyfriend is actually unattractive anyway incase she made jessie happy then best for the lady men and women are very jel

Ewww i Knew She Had A girlFriend ii Didnr know shesz 'Butty ugly' love Yu Jessie j My Obseesion Over Yu Is Never Gonaa Endd ,,True Heart,Just Say True to Who You Are <3 x

Jessie is Inspire,Quite,Beautiful,Stunning Which Actually ever that it kira woman try,well lets only say She Uglyy . She Looksz Such as for example a small Woman..Dunno Exactly what jessie Saw in her own..Doesnt Number Now Merely in the end during the day in the event that jessie was Happier So are We -HeartBeatsz We ALwaysz Right here For you Through Heavy and Slim Love Jessie J Right x

Inspire.. im speechless. why not jessie matchmaking someone such as for example better than you to woman Kira..